1STBTC - Firstblood bullish (long term)

BITTREX:1STBTC   FirstBlood / Bitcoin
Others have done the analysis on firstblood already, but nevertheless for those who follow me.

The candle is above the cloud, coral trend is bullish , and MACD is looking good. We will see some big movements soon. The uptrend line is drawn above. (long term, dont msg me today at night and ask me for an update)

Good luck
評論: RSI is overbought, so if you are not in yet. Wait for a better entry.
評論: if you bought at the time of the post you are at a profit. keep holding. Remember to have a sell loss.
Will update the idea as soon as I can.
評論: Firatblood is a 2nd wave coin. Meaning it will get pumped after the main alts are pumped.
Like Sia, DGB, Doge..etc

It's time is coming up soon.
評論: This is going to be big.
評論: Ok I'm seeing upward movement in the price now
評論: Keep holding guys. Just have patience.
評論: I think its starting now.. within today I believe we should be back in track.
取消訂單: it went up 40% before going down. Bittrex announced couple of days ago that the coin will get delisted. so this trade is over.
Any update on this?
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Rebound from the golden ratio of Fibonacci 0.618
Still on track?
I want this to work so bad. Any updates for us? Trendline is still being followed.
we want short term if it possible for increase long budget man..thank you.
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elke111 elke111
@elke111, i meant increase little* budget.
like 0.06 as mine ^^
This is taking forever to produce ...gezzz
@MrNarmerk, patience.
common bro, why haven't we heard about you .... been long enough ! we need you out here
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