1st-BTC Q1 2018 (Possible 350% gain)

BITTREX:1STBTC   FirstBlood / Bitcoin
1st Blood:
Market cap: $46,843,892 USD
Max supply vs scurrent: 93,468,691 1ST (85,558,371 1ST)

1st Blood released in beginning of February update on what they have up their sleeves for Q1 2018. Entering the south Asia market may bring 1st to additional wanted exposure on one of the biggest gaming markets. (

While the plan for 1st quarter might be great, they have no drastic public news/announcements or additional partners...required to follow their news regularly, since they promised quite much for Q1->check the gray text area on a chart itself for more). If they can execute Q1 goals and enter the Asian gaming market we could see this price to rocket hard.

-1ST has after first uptrend spike (till 9.1.2018) which lasted 32 days gone into healthy correction (for past 1/2 of the Q1). Due to the BTC retracment it has broke the 61.80% fib. level while the major fib levels (78.60%) has been tested few days ago, once. With 5 touch points on top of the wedge (red downwards arrows on the line with brakes) has established clearly upper part of the falling wedge with heavy resistance (line pierced few times). Bottom part of the wedge has been also established and has been pierced already few times...indicating possible support at the bottom of the yellow box @ fib level 78.60%. This is also optimal for cryptos and expected buy zone for the market . If it continues to bounce inside that yellow box it could possibly represent accumulation zone which can still last for next 8 days (why I chose 8 is explained in next paragraph).

Past bull run time analysis (8.12-9.1.) and price capacity projection--> history tends to repeat itself in crypto - It took 1st 32 days to reach the top before it started serious pull back.Since 1st roadmap represents plans for Q1, I have therefore placed the period of those 32 days backwards from the end of Q1. This could indicate that there is still 8 days left. For price projection I took the length of the bull run with two different starting points (Black arrows) for those 32 days and place it from fib level 78.60%. We can see that the distance could eventually lead us to the fib. level 127% (on pull back) somewhere inside psychological support/resistance price ranges 0.00016 - 0.00020. Again optimal for cryptos on a run (just not in that smaller time frame - Q1).

Ta indicators:
MACD zero leg: Showing incline movement from beginning of February and compared to price's decline could represent possible divergence.

RSI: Just moved back into the channel from oversold conditions. indicating possible reversal in price if we get volume .

AROON: waiting for a cross of orange line upwards with blue line downwards inside green box in order for bullish trend to be verified

Something to watch in next 8 days:
- Will the 78.60 fib level be verified again (possibly multiple times), to establish strong support?
- If breakout happens, how far it will go?--> my guess is up to 61.80% (arround 0.000060) where it would be rejected, and would be searching for higher low or at least another support at 78.60%.
- Incase of no significant breakout, will the suggested support in accumulation zone hold or will the price drop down more?
- Will there be any updates with news?
-BTC sentiment--> tricky times

Potential Sell zones for Q1:
1. 0.00010000 (182% gain from 78.60 fib level entry) - Start of heavy resistance zone with top of it marked at 0.00013800. Big resistances before that are at 0.00006000 and 0.00008000
2. 0.00016000 (350% gain from 78.60 fib level entry)
3. 0.00020000

Questions which will be answered soon...however have to give them high five for trying to get into Asian gaming market. Bright future for 1St is indeed coming, and I will follow it closely.

Animus The Great

取消訂單: Trading on Bittrex canceled since it will be delisted
Does anyone know about plans to be listed on Binance or other new exchange? I start to be worried, bought for 0,6btc at price 6700 satoshi. But I keep holding
It is getting delisted on Bittrex.
AnimusTheGreat rahulverma0127
@rahulverma0127, thanks for info, yeah i figured out that they published just before ta was published. Otherwise still i believe ok project for other exchanges
girius7777 AnimusTheGreat
@AnimusTheGreat, should people hold in some kind of wallet or just sell now?
AnimusTheGreat girius7777
@girius7777, you can hold in wallet, you can gamble it, or than transfer to other exchange and wait for price to recover. To my knowledge coins get still some sort of pump before delisted time so maybe you can try your luck there also
girius7777 AnimusTheGreat
@AnimusTheGreat, Yes, i think ill try a pump option before delisting. Thank you for replay
delisted from bittrex
@pkadunc, yep
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