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I'm looking for a sell trade for Apple . The wave count is somewhat complex and that doesn't increase the probability longer term until we have more data to determine what's next. Short term however I expect a break lower soon, once we see that bearish break I will be determining whether there is more to come in terms of another bearish break out of the structure of larger degree, which most likely will result in a move towards 55-60, or whether we will see a bullish reversal and a continuation of the long term trend. The arrows show the scenario's I'm looking for to trade, with the first trade opportunity to be a sell trade!

updates will follow


www. facebook .com/timstuyts

評論: Our Apple short is turning into a clean short trade. If we consolidate we have the opportunity to sell again.
i expect to see aapl retracing to $109 ~ $110 level before it bounces off . ^_^
summer6 summer6
Oops, does this work?
summer6 summer6
sorry, can't share the link to my aapl analysis. this is the latest chart posted last night.
TimStuyts summer6
Don't worry the levels you mention are clear. Key for me is that it consolidates towards that area or any area for that matter.
summer6 TimStuyts
sorry Tim about making here messy. :(

i expect a pullback before the month end of September.
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Hi Tim, hope you are having a nice weekend. I will appreciate if you have an updated chart of AAPL for D time frame.
TimStuyts andreas1
sorry for the late response but have updated the chart!
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andreas1 TimStuyts
Thank you so much!
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I'd so much love to short this one! But I must not as I am for reasons I do not understand! Damn!
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