JUST BUY THE DIP! on AAPL before its ER.

Why wouldn't you buy an undervalued stock right at its support? The first Trillion $$ company. Also my analysis shows, the is the best buying point a man can get to enjoy the run to ER! Bears are NOOBS ATM!
評論: NOOBS got wiped out lol, this is going to gain like a train after today
評論: Buying complete loto options if it stays low tomorrow! 0.40 options will sell at 6.24 each!
評論: look at that hidden double bottom, You can click the share button, and make it mine to observe it for yourself.
評論: Because I love making money!
評論: Max dip tomorrow is highly unlikely, however, if it wants to dip, I will buy more options. The only way this stock can go is up from this point.
評論: this is the trade I am 90% bullish! NO RISK, ST. Scaring off the people. This type of dip happens before a HUGE! Gain! I am not kidding.
評論: We are gonna be rich ! bring it on 169-168!. I will dump everything I have.
評論: Buy the dip!
交易進行: This will dip more before the market closes, but I think I like the price right now. I am all in this trade 30% of my all investments is in the short term AAPL options That is a lot of risk:). If I lose, I will make it up some other day. I can't waite to wake up tomorrow. Have a nice day guys !
評論: Technicals do not lie people! sell everything at 218 and no less!
評論: This is why I am bullish!
評論: https://aipatterns.tickeron.com/Content/... It seems like 3 rising valleys to me! which is mega bullish. If it doesn't gain tomorrow, I will call myself dummy for the rest of my life.
評論: No comment. Broke the 68.00. I am exiting the trade on Thursday.
Would my hair turn white at $218?
@LeonChen, haha no, its after the er. I am overly bullish on this trade!
Hey. You still bullish? Im already in feb 16 180s and 182.5s... losing 50% on both but not giving them up. I feel like this will bounce
Avasreader gambit333
@gambit333, Yes! ignore the noise.
Avasreader gambit333
@gambit333, Avg out when the stock hits 168.50ish, that should be the max it tanks. It may go for the dip today or tomorrow.lets see
LeonChen Avasreader
@Avasreader, thanks. I will double down!
@LeonChen, Ya its all about making money next week! I missed the falling wedge pattern on 5 min.
Avasreader gambit333
@gambit333, i am like -14K ish. don't worry this will go up up and never see this level again!
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