Everyones Nightmare

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
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Here you have ADA broken trend a number of days ago and has moved into accumulation for a potential move up..... However before we go up we will go down further according to the charts.

You will see RSI and chart broke trend but we didn't have enough buyers come in and now we are seeing sell offs again.

I have entered a new entry zone for anyone wanting to grab a bag, I had posted a chart on this around 2 weeks ago I have put this into the related articles. At the moment though the long wait is not over.

You will see circled in red where buyers have decided this will be our bottom, we want to buy when we retest this level. This may take several days before we get down there.

I want to point out the current resistance we are facing and don't have enough buys to push past, above that resistance on the pink line is the .786FIb this here is a very difficult point for us to push past. So far the chart is clear on a downward move If this was to change I will update you but I certainly won't be buying this coin now.

We want ADA to stay into accumulation for quite a long time, we can enter anytime it dips in the buy zone but the long this coin stay down the stronger it will be for take off.

Rather then buy now like many are set an alarm at the top of the buy zone and buy later on.

I have had over 20 questions on this coin so we know its popularity but its take some serious buys to move this coin, I understand its a cheap good buy now but if you wait time is free and this trade might let you in 10-20% lower then now.

Cash is King!
評論: ADA still heading now and can give us a nice entry when it gets a bit lower.
評論: We are getting close to entry point here.
評論: Patience here we have seen some early buys coming in but need to see the daily close first
評論: if you were looking for an entry on ADA you would enter now with your stop loss just below its support .00002164.

The reason you would enter now is you can run such a tight stop loss. Support also looks like it hold.
評論: ADA broke our strong line of resistance yesterday (pink line) and as long as todays candle closes above this we should see nice growth here.

Fib lines can be used as targets if holding long
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

How low do you think it will go? I had buy order at $0.14 which didn't get filled by 0.003 :( but can it really fall lower in fiat? this is already such a deep retrace. Looking for 10cents? 15.7cents now and I'm thinking of hopping on at least for today.
i am sory... i'm sory...I do not know what's going on.. oh my god
@MRSON, don't worry we all learn I was only having fun with you not at your expense
MRSON Cash-is-King
@Cash-is-King, yes thank you, i just hugged reach the target...I'm not stupid ...and food for sharks
yesterday,It crossed the triangle decrease,and mitigated because BTC... Resistance has become a support area...and now it going up,will complete head and shoulders
@MRSON, still have some hope now ?
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@MRSON, sometimes I see myself in my laptop screen reflection also and think we have a head and shoulders coming up but then realise its just me.
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CryptoJulio Cash-is-King
@Cash-is-King, exactly ! too many people are trapped by their hope, our brain makes us want to see what we need to see, hope !
yes.. ADA it is breaking... thank you...!
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