BINANCE:AEBTC   Aeternity / Bitcoin
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Here we have a coin that bounced a few days ago and showed a nice 25% profit and its volume shot through the roof with the recent BTC drop it lost volume , however this coin was in consolidation for its next move.

You can see on the indicators we never lost momentum and this coin is certainly geared ready to move and can show us another 25% quite easily after being in consolidation for the past 5 days.

It has broken out again as you can see the 4H candle closed over its consolidation channel, I have opened a position with a stop loss just below the green solid line... top of channel

BTC creates risks for trades due to it not having any solid stability so we trade with caution. We need BTC to close above its next resistance for solid trades but I couldn't miss this coin.

Run a trailing stop loss, if BTC falls again it will affect this trade.

Cash Is King!
交易進行: AE is looking good, we are retracing now then should comfortably see a very nice move.

Remember keep eyes on the BTC at the moment we are still looking good and while BTC holds at this level AE will move to targets nicely.
評論: BTC took a dip and so did AE good news is AE had strong buys come in below us and we got a nice bounce.

Keep eyes on BTC its on support now, if it holds the trade will recover nicely.

Anyone that bought that dip on AE from the BTC just made a nice 3%
評論: BTC managed to hold support trade has recovered.
評論: Trade is moving along nicely, if we get a close above the 200EMA we should see some solid movement
評論: we are consolidating and need some volume to back our next move. I am holding
交易進行: AE/BTC is making a move on the 4H it needs to close over the 200EMA it has attempted this many times and seen sell offs but if it succeeds it will have a good run
評論: All targets are reached I will post new targets now
評論: New Targets are in Blue

評論: AE looking great I am holding for the further targets.
評論: AE positon hasn't changed chart still looks good, remember with coins the longer they consolidate generally the larger the break out will be.

Patience pays the best dividends.
評論: AE holding support nicely aggressive buys come in on this support, the chart needs some more time to allow room for growth on indicators. Patience is the key here, we have entered at a good price and expect to collect good dividends.
評論: Ok so AE has hit original targets once and if we close over the 200EMA on this 4H the targets should be hit again and hopefully move onto blue targets.

We have a very strong volume increase.
評論: I expect another breakout here very soon, you will see chart looks strong and we have aggressive buys in on the support
評論: Here we hit all targets and with patience we knew we could do it again.

AE is still in a buying range and close to its bottom and will show us results again soon.
評論: Targets are underway again, we have touched target 5 and looking strong. This was always going to be a good trade we hit targets once due to fundamental info release but now we are seeing nice growth and still very low in price allowing large increases to be seen
評論: AE looking great you can see on the 4H chart the 200EMA starting to trend nicely with price this is an early sign of good long growth.

On the daily chart we are looking very strong.

I am holding this coin for targets.
評論: second time we have hit all green targets. We have blue targets above also.

We need to see a big retrace first
評論: Target 7 reached this is the first of the blue targets above.
評論: We have reached 10 targets here. AE now needs to consolidate before we move again
評論: 11 targets have hit.

Next target is .0003048 then .0003364.

Remember your in a 40% profit already take profits we look very strong but don't always think you can sell at the 'top' as no one can tell you where that is.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

The top will not be in until after main net launches in June...
longbwk longbwk
@longbwk, that said always good advice to take some profits. I did take 20% off.
...but family first. (Saw your tgram update)
We missed you! :) Glad to see you back, thanks for your updates and cant wait your BTC update ;)
feels like we've been waiting an ETERNITY for this one, eh boys and girls?!! any minute now.... she's long overdue........
Hi King, any update or comments about this? Thanks in advance!
Nice! thanks for keeping us posted.
Hey King, thanks for the update! I'm holding until the first blue target! keep posting dude!
Thanks for for the update @Cash-is-King . Rejoined, all in, holding until it breaks out. Appears to have pretty strong support on Binance.
Hi, hoping for an update soon! thanks
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