交易進行: exact
評論: Bounce back
評論: going very well
should have invested in good projects like tron instead of being greedy hoping for a bounce and i am out
@usman.kh8, not getting your point. Seriously. Even if you bought at the top, do you really care? Learn from it, next time, just hodl.. Or take less risks (just assuming you invested more than you where willing to lose ;)..Try to fix your emotions, you dont need it. It holds you from making (good) actions. If your budget is 10k, invest $1000 in 10 coins you handpicked and endorse.. Sell when you make the profits you desire. Its really that easy.. Patience is your friend, Emotion is your enemy.
usman.kh8 TheMoneyMakerTom
@TheMoneyMakerTom, i held ripple for a year because i believed in it ,this one i dont believe in ,was just a greedy trade no complains , just saying the project is going no where
@usman.kh8, you could be right my friend. I just never trade on gut feeling or emotion. A believe is a feeling, an emotion. The charts are telling me something different on this particular coin. MACD divergence, cci in bullish area and Ichomoku clouds are below and green.. No brainer. Some ICO collect 60 million before even a whitepaper, roadmap or decent structure is established. Who cares?? Anyways, I really hope you do well!
Entered this trade at a high. Boy, am I holding some heavy bags right now.
Wow, that was accurate, nice!
+1 回覆
I'm watching like a hawk, good call thus far, really need this to bounce!
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