APPC App Integrated Coin Elliott Waves Outlined

BINANCE:APPCBTC   AppCoins / Bitcoin
As seen in the chart above I have outlined the two corresponding fib progressions with the 1/3rd 1.618 zone becoming apparent. Looking like a steady up trend backed by a solid new coin. APPC is looking at releasing their beta software in the first quarter of 2018 so we could expect to see some rises. Jumping in early is a good idea; currently available on binance. Already risen 30%, still looking at near doubling.


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Hey Thomas, is this just currently an extended wave 4 until the market gets back on track or do we just scratch everything and start again here?
Thanks for the great graphs.
@kitkat16, Yeah seems like it, that is why I put a bit of text at wave 5 postulating that news may come out around that time
@thomas58700 when you would expect APPC to reach 0.00035 ?
i have bought it high and dunno what to do? hold or panic sell?
moodrules moodrules
@thomas58700 sorry i mean 0.0003
@moodrules, I'd just hold it depending on the amount of money and depending on whether you could make it back in another coin
would it now be a good entry point?
r0b0 thinogueira
@thinogueira, Yeah, it's a good log term hold coin
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thomas58700 thinogueira
@thinogueira, Yep, slow steady rise over time
+1 回覆
thinogueira thomas58700
@thomas58700, thanks a lot! I am big fan!!!
+3 回覆
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