BITTREX:ARDRBTC   Ardor / Bitcoin
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Details on Chart .
Risk/Reward is 5.5 for Target 3 .
Ardr retraced 98% of the previous bullrun and lost 85% of its price ,after such a sharp drop comes a massive price rise.Even a shit/scam coin without fundamentals will pump when met with such conditions

Tp1 is the recommended target ,Wait for two daily candles close above The red area before aiming for the other targets .
Good risk management is adviced

Brief Fundamentals :
Ardr is the coin that is used to manage transactions of the ardor mother-system ,where the d-apps or products built on the system are called child-chains.
with a running record of 4 yrs of NXT ,Jelurida decided to adapt another system with the same features of NXT and much more added ,Solving several problems.
Highly recommend to check the wallet and the coin system out .Not much writing will do the system justice.
評論: TP1 reached .
Looks like it is aiming for Second Target 6000~6400.

Re-buy Areas depends on the price action ,and since their is none i am going to give general zones ,which offer potential reversal points

Average cost in these zones
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