AUDJPY wave pattern made simple

FX:AUDJPY   澳幣 / 日圓
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Hi Guys ,hope all is having a wonderful weekend . I decide to put this together so you and see how amazing wave patterns and how simple it is .
If you have seen any of the webinars I did, you would have heard me explain the simple abc of trading . Well this chart shows how simple it is.
You don't have to believe in this method of analysis, but sure can't say I don't see it.
Yes many do think it's complicated and it's all after the fact , but I do TWO daily webinars for my traders and I am definitely not showing them anything after the fact in those webinars. ALL my analysis are FORECASTING.
Some times the corrective structure do not develop the way we forecast it (there are a number of ways this could happen if you know anything about the EW Theory) but we are prepared for such and are able to change our view as it goes. I am not able to post all the updates on every chart on trading view because of time so every trader woulds have to make their own choice bases on your OWN analysis. I help run a 24 hrs             trading room ,2 daily webinars and trade so..

Hope this helps you.
評論: The 4hr update on this chart
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Your analysis are amazing Sir Anil....Im in awe.
Hi, any thoughts on this consolidation?
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I noticed that too. it seems like good correction for down trend...
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Rmarch dexstriker27
Hello Anil. Thanks for this great analysis.

Right now it's consolidating. Do you think this could be a good entry? Thanks again.
I think you should wait the price will go upp a little until fibo 61.8

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Anil forever!
nLead sainthun
It's possible.
But I think this tails mean enough resistance for now.

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