FX:AUDJPY   澳幣/日圓
19128 47
Hi Guys, hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I believe this would be a nice sell. Use a tested strategy to trade such moves, if you don't have one then spend more time learning rather than trading. Driving is a risky thing so NORMAL people LEARN to drive before they are allowed on the road. Trading is a VERY HIGH RISK business so please LEARN to trade before you do so live. Regardless of what you might have heard out there , no one was ever successful by trading out of ignorance. You need Knowmedge, like in any other profession, so selling or buying because someone says so is not a winning strategy EVEN IF THEY GIVE YOU ENTRY AND STOPS!!!! You don't know the analysis and the strategy so you are still trading out of ignorance!!
My posts are showing the possible direction I AM EXPECTING it to go based on my ANALYSIS (which you don't know) so use this post, ONLY, if you have similar analysis, you have a strategy to trade it and you understand the risk involve.

Trade with care
Thank you for your support.
評論: Similar view on the NZDJPY
評論: GBPJPY is not such a good sell
評論: hi Guys, looks like Aj s making a bigger correction so i;ll wait for the next setup.
how high to do expect this to go before correction?
I Hope you will update this chart soon .
@namavar, updated an hour ago
namavar anilmangal
@anilmangal, God bless you .
My account is eroding :'(
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@fxemms44, if your account is eroding , then you should stop trading until you figure out a good strategy to use. If you lost this trade that should be only one percent of your account. If you took the winning trades that should give you 2-5 % on your account . If you can't handle a lost stop trading.
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fxemms44 anilmangal
@anilmangal, you're like my conscience talking to me...thanks...I just can't figure why Yen doesn't seem to budge when BoJ released good new and I'm not against USD
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