Be vewy vewy quiet, im hunting pips!

OANDA:AUDJPY   澳幣 / 日圓
82 0
This is not something you want to miss. I am expecting a break here but as I have been adding longs all within this channel I am slowly phasing out some shorts and have been adding longs furiously since the touch of 74.62 (historical point).

This pair has a POSITIVE SWAP for me so i do not care how long it takes for this trade to go my way since I will be getting paid to hold it. But if it does break and go my way immediately it is the poster child for compounding gains.

Good luck and lets hope this bitch breaks.
評論: Watch out for statement from BoJ, that will either break the channel or forshadow some more ranging within it.
評論: Wait for it...
評論: Didnt happen therefore we enter a small short when it rechecks on the 15min or lower
評論: Free money from here, just ride it all the way for THOUSANDS, same way we robbed GJ
交易進行: waiting for some nice retrace to add more longs, current positions are being compounded and bad entries are being closed in profit at good exit points.
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