AUDUSD Ready to Sell the corrective wave

FX:AUDUSD   澳幣 / 美元
18399 40 278
AUDUSD             Ready to Sell the corrective wave

Guys the recent rally of AUD can be considered
as a corrective wave.
So once this wave was finished.

I expect the AUD will start the downtrend

0.7469-0.7507 will be a very good area to create
your short positions.

SL above 0.7550
Aim 0.7330 AND 0.7150

Price comes into the zone.
now we need to watch for price action.
評論: Very good. From 0.7510 TO 0.7433 , almost 80 pips.
if you want, you can take half profit first and make SL to break even.
評論: continue to fall, now is 0.7422
評論: move ur SL to 0.7480
protect ur profit
The Bat works beautifully!! xie xie @tntsunrise !
Correct! As Always! Thanks JACK!
Hello Jack, excellent short idea.... one of the key thing in May 23, you said "I will not take a short if there is a lower high or bearish price action.", this sentence I don't understand... it seemed that you're trying to do the opposite? Unless you see a lower high (can't create higher high, when retesting your target high which is 0.75118) or there is a prominent bearish candle, will you really make the entry of short. Hope to hear from you..
i think something here is missing
thank you =)
thank you for the share of the charting...
Taylor87 Taylor87
@Taylor87, I'm new to trading but as I draw out my supply and demand... its hitting my supply zone {current price}....
What are your thoughts currently Re: this pair as o today since it has gone over 75000? I'm learning so I am soaking up as much info as I can <3 love the charting
@tntsunrise when do you think you'll put your sell in? Or are you no longer thinking it's going down?
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