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I have spent the last 4 hours analysing AUDUSD on monthly, weekly, daily and 4 hourly timeframes. I have a rough idea where price is heading over the next 40 years. I seriously recommend everyone to always spend some time analysing the larger timeframes for any pair before drilling down to the lower ones. My analysis and the system I'm working on is based on price action at its core.

I have spent the last weeks on EURUSD only, but it's time to add AUDUSD into the mix.

As for our 300-500 pips move down, I believe it is almost upon us.

The question I have is, does it start on Monday or Tuesday.

Hopefully my system will give us a nice Sell signal to go by.
nice idea! this is my view
Mr. dreams, yours will remain most probably as a dream only. After Doha aussie will shoot up to parity and beyond with other rising commodities !!
marcus123 waterman
lets hope so...
try again
I see where you are coming from but this is a VERY LONG time frame. Even though it broke the downtrend if it retraces back to the downtrend line before the resumption of up move, you may be looking at 600 to 700 pip retracement.
tst sam.aziz
Yeah. this is not a trade just a assumption of were we are in trend. Forexdreams mentioned 40years! in his post, so im just contributing to that prospective only.
All the best :).
Plus I just looked at the weekly chart and the downtrend is still intact according to the line
sorry have a low time frame trade Prof loss tool over the last month.
Here is what I am thinking because we have 2 supply zoneshttps://www.
AUDUSD seems to cycle and make market cycle lows around 86 months. The recent low at 86 months and a break of the monthly trend line could be a confirming indicator of this cycle low. Time will tell....
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