Sell Bitcoin Banker Buy Bitcoin Cash

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I am done with bitcoin banker/core/wallstreet

Garbage fees.

Garbage transaction speed.

This is not the coin I signed up for.

I am putting all of my profits into BCH long term.
As much as I hate bch, I must admit the bitcoin situation is very bad and it's getting very far from its premises.
Recently started calling bitcoin cash the true bitcoin, and bitcoin core is called legacy. That's a big signal.
someone made a bad trade, hates bitcoin now cause he got screwed haha. Weak
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BrandonJ ampatrick4
@ampatrick4, What bad trade? Have you not seen the $55 fees to transfer bitcoin? Do you not know anybody with < $500 worth of bitcoin not wanting a massive tax from the bitcoin bankers just to transfer their holdings? Bitcoin Banker is anti-poor people. It stands for everything wallstreet and mainstream fiat bankers do. Let's tax poor people $50 minimum to spend their money. Yaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Wishing you and myself it follows BTC's price action just way faster. Hope I will be around when you post "Taking profit" on this one :)
This is junk. Not TA.

Trading view is not the place for political statements.
@dcpar, This is an archive of my thoughts and trading ideas for years to come. It's nice to see you have 0 / 0 / 0 stats. You really sure do know all about tradingview don't you
dcpar BrandonJ
@BrandonJ, why resort to ad hominem attacks?

I am criticizing your ideas as bunk, not you. Why not retort with some knowledge?

Your post demonstrates absolutely no analysis, just regurgitation of political “ra ra” statements that don’t contribute to the discussion of this trading pair.
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@dcpar, How about you just keep your comments to yourself. Calling my post junk does not contribute to the discussion of this trading pair either. I've got an uptrend. I've got horrible trading fees. I've got horrible transaction speed. That's good enough for me. Please do not comment on any of my posts in the future.
@dcpar, Also, I have made myself and my followers a ridiculous amount of money. So I don't care what you think. My methods work.
dcpar BrandonJ
@BrandonJ, please tell me about your methods, and any TA or other analysis techniques that you employ.

None of your posts demonstrate this. I encourage you to use TradingView as more than just a Tumblr replacement.

Making money is crypto has been easy until now. Show me results in the next 6 months.
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