BCH USD idea

Great to see BCH making moves ahead of the rest pf the Crypto market
評論: There is also the possibility of a small pullbacks along the way and it takes out the trend lines and it keeps moving up in a new bull trend
評論: a break out occurred, but we need to keep an eye on its strength and we want to see follow through volume to the upside
Thanks for your analysis.
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Apologies for my crudeness the main man has put me in my place and kudos to him, follow, like, subscribe 4 sure ;-)
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shitcoin cash ;-)
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BullFish Doc-al-Citadel
@qdoc, thanks for the useful analysis you pleb :)
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@BullFish, touche
Doc-al-Citadel Doc-al-Citadel
@qdoc, ok try this it's a psy op in the crypto world, it's a distraction from the future king ether and it is asic mined so it's screwed ;-)
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