BCH about to make a movement

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
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I am pretty confident BCH is about to make a move. Once BTC holders start taking profits, we will see a new spike towards the 1.0 and 1.272 Fib marks, and quite possibly beyond that point.
The trend line has been tested at 3 occasions on the 3h scale, and proved sustainable. Therefore I do not expect a break of that trend.
DMI is currently still slightly bearish , but given the overall factors I am not worried about that. The same goes for Stoch RSI .

Note: I am not a professional analyst. I do this solely for personal joy. Please don’t base your decisions off of what I consider my own mind game.
評論: Just adding a thought: I don’t believe we will see such strong spikes as in the past weeks. Just by watching the trading action I get the impression the market is a bit reluctant to push BCH all too hard.
評論: Sluggish but progredient.
When do you think its going to happen? Thanks for your graphs
jaimepcpa noutbrnstn
@noutbrnstn, right now :D
@noutbrnstn, Yes, as @jaimepcpa said, it’s already happening. My post came about 10 minutes prior to the first push.
BitCoinBuddha BitCoinBuddha
@BitCoinBuddha, Thank you btw for the compliment on the graph. ;-)
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