BITFINEX:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
988 9
Is it head and shoulders?
it is not because the volume is decreasing, not increasing.
Something is up, huge volume and a drop... dump before GDAX reopens... hmmm
Good analysis lorens...perfectly got it
You perfectly got it right
no, but bch have still potential to grow
15 min time frame is too short to find a reliable head and shoulder pattern
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Galloleous LionelSen
@LionelSen, At least someone gives constructive criticism rather than being a snob. Longer time frames are where its at mate :)
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LionelSen Galloleous
@Galloleous, A drop from 2550 to 2414 is a 5.33% change, be careful if you rely on that. In dollars it's huge, a 100$ difference! But on a 12h time frame that's a flat line. I like to not look at the full price so it becomes more stable. I see 25.50$ to 24.14$, and the head and shoulder pattern suddently dissapear.

The more you zoom out the more it become reliable. Pattern will be spot with bigger % change and also volume.

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