Bitcoin Cash Me Outside, How Bout Dat?

I had this laid out to post before the pump started but unfortunately, due to technical issues, wasn't able to get it live.

No post on Yours for the moment, so I'll say what I can here.

BTFee difficulty has adjusted another 20% upward and Bitcoin Cash pumped around the same time, evidently in response.

If you recall to last difficulty adjustment a similar phenomenon happened, which led to a dump and a new BTC high.

This time, things seem to be different as price has shown stability and upward movement instead of being dumped. BCHBTC ratio pair follows, and hashpower has followed as now Bitcoin Cash is now 23% more profitable to mine.

BTFee™ by comparison is not showing bullish momentum, but as with all things, these things can reverse as they're manipulated by larger players.

Currently, price has broken out and quickly reached the first target at the 1.272 fib.

Stay tuned.

Stop the Organ Harvesting Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party


評論: Bull runs don't go up in a straight line, especially after a $500 movement upwards.

Anticipation will be for this to be the formation of a flagging pattern and consolidation above $2,000.

It may dip under $2,000. Core positions should be held this early into a movement.

BTC is still looking correcty.
評論: Price action here is actually normal. Do not be afraid, do not pay attention to BTC, don't sell your core position unless you really want to lock in those profits (fair enough).

Price action is still normal. Nothing is unhealthy. We merely had a 40% move upwards in the span of a few hours.
交易進行: Trade structure now live on my Yours.org page (in my signature). This is looking pretty good, in my opinion.

Very bullish.

Price action needs to confirm and continue upwards. However, this ain't no pump and dump.
評論: Update to trade thread on Yours.org. We're sitting over $2,000 sustained now. This is a pretty big deal and there's a lot to be happy about.

That being said, Bitcoin Legacy is very likely to revisit $20,000+. We'll see what happens, though.
評論: Update to trade thread on Yours.org

Breakout looks like it's confirming. See thread for advice on what to look for if it doesn't race straight to $2,400+.
評論: New update to Yours.org trading post.

We are still consolidating and awaiting upward movement. It's starting to feel like we should be close based on where price is ($2,100+ sustained), the choppiness not necessarily being bearish, but, will we see a repeat of the past?
評論: New update to Yours.org post on this. We're now at a key take profit level. Bitcoin Legacy went from being in position for a recovery to a brutal $800 sell off in half an hour.

May affect other markets, including Bitcoin Cash.

We continue to watch.
評論: This is a situation we anticipated in our third update about 4 hours ago. Be cautious when all alts are so high in the air and everything is green.

Things are dangerous.
評論: Apologies to readers. I passed out after last post and just woke up. Been quite a while since I slept for 9 hours. Feels pretty good, man.

Especially when you wake up to Bitcoin Cash dumpstering BTFee

Worthy of note is Bitcoin Legacy's all-time high leading up to the August fork was $2,900.

Bitcoin Cash really is Bitcoin. New update to Yours.org trade post.

Trade carefully. Next target incoming. Expect BTFee to reverse and reverse sharply at some point.
評論: Quick question, where are the permanent apologists and trolls qdoc, cryptnight, and webmi?

Funny how they vanish into thin air as soon as Bitcoin Cash starts to move upwards, but are here trying to deceive everyone into selling their coins at a loss when we traded sideways, isn't it?
評論: New update to Yours.org trade post with thoughts, future targets. and a big time black swan warning.

Target hit, however. Let's wait and see what happens and how price handles $2,800, the prior all time high.
評論: Bitcoin Cash CONFIRMED coming to Coinbase

評論: Seriously, though? Where's webmi, qdoc, and cryptnight?

No shit to talk now that Bitcoin Cash > Bitcoin Legacy's July price?
評論: After we hit $2,800 in November and all the charlatans on TradingView and Twitter that pump Core"s tires and spout BCASHBCASHBCASH shouted that Bitcoin Cash would die and fall to $0.

I made a call for targets of $3,500 and $5,500. Unfortunately TradingView deleted all of my posts last month and they're no longer present.

But, here we are.

Coinbase news is real. Litecoin is no longer relevant.

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin capable of, again?
評論: New and final update to Yours.org trading post. This is a big moment.

I believe that there is still more to come, but it's very important, especially with your trading position, and especially with margin trading, to make sure things settle before re-entering your positions.

Will post a new trading thread after things settle a little bit and we get some more clarity.

Congratulations to all the strong hands that have been holding all these months.
評論: One last update.

If you've benefitted from my posts, please take a moment to sign the petition to end the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party.

Please spread it around on Facebook and Twitter and all that as well.

This is a much more important form of dragon slaying.

Way outside, lots of lost dollars and btc using this chart
epic chart post
I remember you calls that were deleted. You've been onto this well done! Great call!!
bankbits Doji-Star
@Doji-Star, same here. great obsession. I love you for that.
Is it too late to buy in on bth right now ? (3200 usd on Bitfinex)
+1 回覆
@jaisontj92, I think it's not finished. That being said, there's risk.
jaisontj92 RiversAndMountains
@RiversAndMountains, Thank you for the reply :D I am still very new to this and don't completely understand the analysis or the charts. Could you point me in the right direction to start learning this ? Atleast get to a state where I can understand the jargon.
bankbits jaisontj92
@jaisontj92, absolutely not too late - absolute.
Bought in at 0.26 BTC. Is it over for me? Am I bag holding this for a year? Someone give me a hug pls ;-;
+1 回覆
@ErnestEA, Might have to be patient for a bit but you should be fine. Always risk though.
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