BCH Hammered

Bitcoin Cash has gotten hammered, clinging onto $1,200 for support. It is difficult to believe that just a few days ago this coin was in the $1,500's. BCH reacts wildly to bearish trends, but typically is slow to react to bullish trends. We've broken through support from the central moving average of the KRI at $1,271. We'll have support from Fibonacci levels at $1,144, $965, then the lower bound of the KRI at $936. If momentum reignites, we must conquer numerous levels in the $1,200's and $1,300's so that vacuum zone to $1,600 seems to be light years away. Levels of resistance from above include $1,271, $1,300, $1,400, $1,438, $1,500, and $1,522. The upper bound of the KRI will be the next point of resistance at $1,624, then after that, $1,764, the lower anchor of our nested Fibonacci levels, seems to be a reasonable target.

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I'm looking at lower levels before I even consider higher. BTC will drag us down to revisit lows before November pump. See you at the bottom.....
@KingMR, Exactly. We're at war again right now. Keep levels in mind and be judicious when going long for now. Wait for buying pressure, which just isn't there atm...
problem with this coin is when it pops you can't catch it or rather i can't :-(
@qdoc, Exactly It pops whenever the f it feels like it. That and it gets hit so hard when the crypto market is bearish.
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qdoc quantguy
@quantguy, agreed thanks for the hard work ;-)
@qdoc, Thanks! I appreciate your feedback
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