Bitcoin Cash - The Dragon is Awake

(Verbose write up and structure on Yours. org (in my signature))

Welcome to the future, friends. So many people, all these months, have said this would never happen. Mostly, they said this during times of Bitcoin Legacy pumping. In reality, people do not care about Tether, transaction fees, confirmation times, who Blockstream is, who their backers are, wash trading, or the nature of the ultimate ending of the banks behind Core, Lightning Network.

People care about one thing, which casino token they can ride to make money on. All of their profits are eliminated during correction and the ensuing bear market, and they lose all the money in their accounts, but they couldn’t care less along the way.

Why? Because most people are simply gambling and chasing a get rich quick scheme.

Investors have made nearly 1000% since November 1. Gamblers have likely lost money.

You can decide for yourself whether you want to listen to trolls, shills, and charlatans, or if you want to find better sources of information.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.

Right now, mining profitability has stabilized to equality after being heavily in BTC’s favour for the last few weeks, Bitcoin Cash has been released on Coinbase, and fees and transaction times are absolutely suffocating the Bitcoin Legacy chain.

Shoutouts to everyone over the last month or two who have been following my posts while I made the $3,400 call when everyone said I was retarded.

I also made a $5,500 call at the same time.

We'll see.

What's up and where are we going? Check out my Yours. org post (in my signature) for a verbose write up and optional trade structure.

Post will have:

Trade structure, strats, stops, and targets
Bitcoin Cash futures market
A possible black swan on the horizon
Multiple updates and strategies as price progresses.

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評論: Trade post now live on Yours.org

This is looking like a nice bullish flag pattern. Let's see what happens.
評論: New update to Yours.org trading post. 2 hours or so before Coinbase re-opens Bitcoin Cash trading.