Bitcoin Cash 300% profit

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
I guess now Bitcoin Cash is in accumulation phase , I see only huge buy volume and low sells on different timeframes , my previous prediction was about reaching BCH 4000 $ from 1500$ . And it went correctly . Now BCH depends on Bitcoin but few weeks ago when market went down BCH was going up . The similar situation can repeat . Now trading is risky because bitcoin is in unclear condition and btc strongly influences on market . But if Bitcoin starts falling Bitcoin cash can be a good parashute . 50 / 50 % I trust that BCH can replace BTC , because now people are looking for alternative way to send crypto for example Litcoin , Ethereum , Bitcoin cash . But BCH is the cheapest to send only 26 cents per transaction and dont need much time . Make conclusion by yourself .
1st target 4100$
2nd target 6500$
3d target 10100$
評論: Touched the trend line
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bcore ded
apollol bossl1fe
@bossl1fe, talking about BTC or ... ?
i agree with you bitcoin is a common concern for all of my altcoin strategies. i suggest the use of BTC pairs instead of USD as our base setup, so we can reduce the bitcoin effect and possible deadly shadows ;).
plase new analiz dgb/dollar
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