BCHUSD Buy Strategy (Investor style)

- Uptrend in medioum - major timeframe could confirm when price breakout - stand over 1570 and 2000

- Range in 880-1500/2000 waiting for market choose direction in midium time frame

Key support - resistance
- 2000 Resistance
- 1500 Resistance
- 880 Previous Low

Chance for investor
Entry - Buy zone : 880-1570
TP : All Time High , All Time High+
SL : 0 (Leverage 1-1 Buy and hold)
- For high volatile product

Risk-Reward - Expected Return
At Entry point 50% All time high ,TP at All Time High
- RiskReward=1, (if TP higher than All Time High : RiskReward will be 1.x )

Buy margin $1000 at 50%All Time High can growth up to $2000 at All time high
- You could gain Risk-Reward by Buy below it (50%)

Money-portfolio management
SL=0, Margin use 10-35% of portfolio
ex. Portfolio size $10000 , use 10% ($1000) as Margin to trade BCHUSD by SL=0
(Invest 3% or 10%-35% up to your confident in use case of these Alt coin in far future)

- Trader could use Grid strategy to generate cashflow/Collect coin-CFD contract at Grid ex. 1000 1200 1400 1600
- Cashflow can generate capital-margin for position at 2000 or lower
- Invest with size that you could accept loss
- This strategy is good for investor whom believe in performance of product BCHUSD - longterm
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