BitcoinCash: Short Term Sell & a Key Support for Buys

POLONIEX:BCHUSDT   Bitcoin Cash / Tether USD
In this video I cover two potential trades - a short term one, and a huge buy one! Price is being moving into a rising channel finding resistance at the upper parallel, dropping into an impulse move. A pending bearish bat pattern is being developing which is the short term opportunity I was talking about. A bearish RSI divergence is adding to our short term setup. Our main view though is bullish . In case price retraces to the lower parallel of the channel, we should start watching for a buy setup completion and see if you join the rocket aiming for the $2800 level or even higher. At the lower parallel of the channel we have confluence with previous structure, which makes our support even stronger to hold.

Feel free to like, comment and share your thoughts.

Trade with care,
評論: Price broke above the correction and never reached the lower parallel of the channel. Support steps up and we focus on a buy setup at the sliding parallel shown in the chart below
Best videos I've seen. Are you a broker? I create algorithms for trading and starting to work on candle stick algorithms. I also would like to see when your trades are "short term" trades within a longer trend. I think that would set you apart, because we have so many conflicting posts. I don't believe all are wrong but some are smaller trends, within a bigger one.
Fxprotrader JonathanMcBrine
@JonathanMcBrine, Thank you. I am not a broker..!
Are we still expecting it to retrace to $1430 area?, or is this a genuine breakout?
Fxprotrader ehouttuijnbloe
@ehouttuijnbloe, Thank you :)
poly kala ta les. bravo. Perimenw na kleisw sta 1670-1700 . Euxaristw
@kalombo, Kali epityxia :)
Great post! Very helpful. Looking forward to updates.
Fxprotrader davidlovesgolf
@davidlovesgolf, Thank you :)
Very well explained
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