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Estimated wave peak & corrective wave levels
(Ps: Onda correctiva = corrective wave)
交易進行: Corrective wave bigger than expected. (0.00012429)

Main wave should be starting
交易進行: Being conservative (as usual), peak level should reach around 0.000136.
We need some volume to start lifting main wave to it's peak.
交易結束:目標達成: wave peak 0.000141
Next targets please.
gagonzal milvescollc
@milvescollc, i suggest main wave target at 0.000136
gagonzal milvescollc
@milvescollc, it's a conservative target
Thank you.
I think today, should be the day... just need some volume...
Bittrex anti pump and dump policy? YEAH RIGHT

Would encourage everybody to report the CEOs of both this shitcoin, Bittrex and Binance for P&D this shit:
gagonzal Monolith85
A.C. PRO Monolith85
@Monolith85, not being a troll...but you must have just started in crypto or stock trading for that flash prices move and down due to news and events.... just saying
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