BeanCash (BEAN) / BitBean (BITB) bullish breakout expected

BITTREX:BITBBTC   BitBean / Bitcoin
Some weeks ago BeanCash, the recently rebranded BitBean, made a spectacular rise to 250 satoshi, coming from 30. The rebranding and highly anticipated release of its new staking, or "sprouting", feature made BEAN / BITB an underdog not to easily dismiss. Today the developer has also confirmed it has applied for listing at NEXT exchange.

During the Bitcoin             dip, which caused a lot of market panic and fud, BEAN / BITB has retraced to just above 100 satoshi. In the last week it has proven to find very strong support at 100 satoshi, with firm buy pressure keeping it above 100.

Today, January 26th, is the date that the somewhat "feared" BTC             futures contracts end and a lot of Bitcoin             - US dollar             TA predict Bitcoin             to become bullish again soon, which should restore market confidence and will cause many alts, including BeanCash to rise up again. The sprouting feature and announcement of a new exchange listing application at NEXT exchange give it a boost in bullish momentum.

The staking / sprouting feature makes BeanCash (still labeled BitBean / BITB at Bittrex) a very interesting crypto currency for people who would like to increase their stack but do not have a high end PC for mining purposes, more info here:

Entry at upwards break confirmation (indicated by stars in the chart). See if it finds new support and monitor the break lines. Trade as safe as possible, set alerts and stop loss orders in place. Monitor BTC-USD             closely as it influences alt trends.

Target 1: 140 satoshi
Target 2: 159 satoshi
Target 3: 198 satoshi
Target 4: 248 satoshi

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Ethereum             wallet: 0x105e37a11abfcfa80ab51c00bc6837f65183af64
BeanCash wallet: 2MKmYUuZLgY7vh5FmyvGj2AngLa6sB2vMD

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Very nice, I believe in the bean!
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