Brookdale Sr Living Swing Trade

Brookdale Senior living is showing a bounce off a strong resistance line.

-Sellers attempted to force stock down further but were unsuccessful, as evidenced by the hammer candle.

- Enter LONG with a price target of $16, slightly below the previous peak, to avoid extra unnecessary risk.
- Set stop loss at $14.10, below the main resistance line. Get out immediately on break of this line.
交易進行: Active in this trade. Entered friday using a CALL option and at approximately 40% profit.
手動結束交易: Due to the massive impulse I closed early. I still believe the price target is valid but by using options I secured a 60% gain which is more than enough for a single trade!
Great work M, I like your approach with options.. I probably will have to look at options trading to use in parallell to my swing stock trading.. will follow you and learn from experienced people first and see if this if for me.. Hope this is ok with you man?
@S_A, Yeah absolutely! I'd hardly say I'm the most experienced, though!

Options magnify your gains AND your risk. It's important to diversify with them - multiple plays at a time. You're never going to be right even 85% of the time, so it's extremely important!
@S_A, Also you could actually re-enter this trade right now, since it's back at resistance, just looking at the chart. Worth considering!
S_A mologna
@mologna, thnx man, great to have hints on stocks, not easy to follow the market when you work 8/5.. Will consider it..
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