Blocknet (BLOCK) Short Term Retrace Signals

BITTREX:BLOCKBTC   Blocknet / Bitcoin
Blocknet (BLOCK), one of the coins that we started to trade back in early April, is gaining strength and moving up. But as we know, each time a top/peak is reached, there is a retrace in price, followed by consolidation before a coin continue its climb up.

BLOCK has been doing good the past few days, but the time for the retrace has come.

Here are a few signals that can tell you of a coming retrace:

- TD Sequential indicator.
- Large sticks on top of the candles.
- Upper range of the bollinger bands .
- Several resistance levels broken.
- MACD starting to curve, already curving in shorter time frames, which can confirm these signals.

These signals are "short" term, they will change in a few hours and new signals will develop.

But these signals above can tell you of a coming retrace.

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May 17
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sell target 0.00312324 ?
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alanmasters krisnabilly
@krisnabilly, Check my Blocknet trade article for the targets:

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alanmasters carldouglasBroker
@carldouglasBroker, You're welcome. :)
Hi Master Alan, you might want to take a look into BitShares (BTS), it is starting to form into one of the most beautiful cup & handle you might have ever seen :D
@JericTay, I will take a look, thanks.
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