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I think this growth justifies as binace is adding new users every hour ! So don't think prices are going to crash ....
Been holding since $.10 cents. Just hodl don't day trade. It doesn't matter if it corrects or not, its healthy. $100 by summer or sooner.
@BTCookieMonster GREAT job with the announcement, but I wish I was next to my computer when you published it... Now, since my hand got caught in the jar, I would really like to know if you see a further correction or you think that the price will go higher. What are your targets?
what are you saying man ?
what would an entry point be now? thanks a lot!
Whats that comment supposed to mean?
@Acel, Do not buy i guess....
Acel PRO eyefate
@eyefate, im already in to this since 8.6$ , i think it will be good for the mid term. I expexted it to shoot but i think it did kinda early and will possibly have a big correction if it keeps going..
It means a correction is coming...which you can already start to see
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Acel PRO BTCookieMonster
@BTCookieMonster, I was afraid that you would say that.. I was expecting this to hit 18$ or 17$ before it started for another run. BNB grows almost expodentially. So big and suddent moves are nothing new here.. At around which price to expect it to correct?
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