BINANCE BNBBTC a strong position on market

BINANCE:BNBBTC   Binance Coin / Bitcoin
Hi guys! Today I will review the coin of the BINANCE stock exchange.
Binance is a popular exchange Crypto-currency, founded in 2017 and is one of the world's leading stock exchanges for the average daily volume of trading.
Binance Coin (BNB Coin) is a token on the basis of the Ethereum crypto currency issued by the Binance crypto exchange for internal payments and transactions therein (anyone who uses BNB coins on Binance receives additional discounts in trade and various bonuses).
Like any other altcoyins, Binance Coin trades in different trading pairs and can grow (fall) in price compared to, for example, Bitcoin .
Once a quarter, the Binance Exchange buys out part of the BNB Coin token and burns it, which only contributes to their growth in price, with a limited number of them and can not be mined (only buy on the stock exchange).
This is about the same if the American stock exchange NYSE or NASDAQ has issued its shares and would have traded itself at home).
About TECHNICAL: I see a strong position on market and trend posicion . A bad news who was issued at this night not much more to affect on it price. I see a range on this zone and two line : support and resistance . And I see a two points to buy this coin, if price fixed above line of resistance or if come back to support (the obligatory condition is that in the first and second cases this is a small volume on sales)
Good Luck !

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