BTCCNY: Weekly update

I'm envisioning a rapid acceleration in BTC as we ramp up over the all time high. Many have been awaiting this fo ages, most haven't believed the rally to date, and still don't, I'd assume most think it'll make some kind of double top and drop, judging by the amount of top pickers getting stopped.
What is the current concensus? We have some whackos showing up and calling way higher prices again, but I'm not too worried since we have a legit trend this time, and solid price action for now.

I'll hold my long term position and will be ready to add to longs if we get a viable short term or intermediate term trend continuation setup. My signals clients will receive the alerts first hand, and all the updates for this and Ethereum . I'll post updates and new charts here, but I won't make such a detailed coverage as last year, where I pretty much gave a lot of stuff away. If anyone has been following me, they should have made a considerable amount of money with Bitcoin .

If you did, leave your comments below, I'd be glad to hear what everyone thinks now too, since we're in almost uncharted waters!

Happy new year!


Ivan Labrie.
評論: Bulls firmly in control, we've hit the weekly validation target already, expect more upside and a rapid climb after breaking into new all time highs.
評論: New all time high in BTC, I'd assume we'll see some panic buying and a short term top after it recedes
plus a shakeout...
評論: Chinese started selling some btc, but it looks like a shakeout big time...
I'll look to add on dips, but later today
this is what I was talking about, when I said
"Acceleration and potential dip after breaking the ATH"
WOW spot on again Ivan. You must be a clairvoyant or something. Looks like ETH had the same shakeout too. BTC and ETH seem to be moving together here.
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@B.Gates, yes, all going according to my vision. I like the buyers stepping in at the lows. We'll need to wait to take short term buys in BTC. I'll update later today.
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rivet.popper IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, I agree with Gates. Spot on so far. I only wish I had more capital so I could back up the truck on this dip.
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IvanLabrie rivet.popper
@rivet.popper, you can buy back if you booked profits, but wait a few hours.
rivet.popper IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Nah unfortunately I didn't get out fast enough. Maybe I'll buy some more ETH which is cheaper and seems to give better return.
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IvanLabrie rivet.popper
@rivet.popper, you don't own ETH? You can just hold both now, or use leverage to take a short term trade in BTC.
rivet.popper IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Oh hell yeah I do! I just wanted even more ETH for the runup to 100+. :-)
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IvanLabrie rivet.popper
@rivet.popper, you can add a bit, but not ideal just yet.
rivet.popper IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Wow super big blow off now... Kind of irresistible not to back up the truck.
IvanLabrie rivet.popper
@rivet.popper, good spot, but wait 7-8 hours to buy.
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