POLONIEX:BTCDBTC   BitcoinDark / Bitcoin
522 5 42
Dark BTC             Sunrise

It is long Price <Map For BTCD>

Say The Target Until 2021 = 1.18216098

Gain 8000%

We Look and Follow Price And Map and Hunt Good Chances

This is from our point of view that may be wrong or wrong

We recommend Capital Management

We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay

交易進行: first buy active @0.02784025
評論: Gain profit alhmd llah move well
手動結束交易: 100% then -75% total of this signal +25
Good Job Bro
@kicklink, Thanks
Did you see that?

Over 80 % of the BTCD supply has been swapped for KMD
Developers moved to Komodo coin (KMD)
Swap Continues Until Jan 2018 with rate 1 BTCD = ~50 KMD
Komodo is the future!
HamadaMark alexainch
@alexainch, i don`t look to any news bro just chart and we say at Dec We Look and Follow Price And Map and Hunt Good Chances it`s map and as u see if u look to map it`s hit trend and if u look for Calcu Profit we wait it down to buy
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