Where is BTC going? Maybe fractals could give us a clue?

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This is for my own education, I have been tracing this fractal for hours and it has worked out quite nicely.
Hope it continues to play out.

Some images from while I have been tracing it.

Happy trading.
評論: BTC never stop surprising, we got a little pullback and this can be the reason:


Now it looks like BTC is still pushing upwards, the fractal was "invalidated" but I feel the direction is still valid, if we don't break the yellow trendline it's completely invalidated.
評論: Trend still intact and RSI has more room to go up. Also, each dip gets bought up, so bulls are strong.

評論: zoomed in:
評論: 6H later and trend still intact

評論: Yup, trend is intact.
評論: KEY points to look at to confirm a new bull trend:

評論: Made a copy of the fractal and tweaked it to mach up with the bars, I am quite confident so are planing my exits and entries.
評論: Poked the resistance. We are going in consolidation and more up.

評論: Lets see if we will form this pattern

評論: I think there is a issue with the post right above this one, after looking at the same fractal setup on multiple TF, here is a view on the daily.

評論: Fractal for the 1H
評論: This has been a success and we are now printing the last 4H candle in the, here is my view of the daily.

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