BTC Long - shake out a little more fuel money?

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Here is the 100 drop. Stand your ground - it's all just a game anyway right?!
評論: shit, getting close to my stops!
評論: cancelled them
評論: I expected a faster conclusion to this event. Need to adjust timings in future but I think the psychology here is correct - the tension lingereng on 10250 is like a Hitchcock thriller :)


I'm not a big believer in many published predictions - most are wrong or lucky so take this one with a pinch of salt :)

I rate Market Traders Daily on YT and have predicted the following scenario from their historical currency trading data and my own personal take on the MM strategies over the next 3 months. Also, there is a lot of chat about March being a positive month in crypto and volume increasing.

Aggressively sticking my neck out here but I'm trying to look 5 moves down the track rather than the 1 minute charts!

From what I've observed I believe the market is being manipulated by a few (machines). After grabbing all the stops, the market will break through the £12k mark - then the FUD will come in, driven by the market makers (yes, they probably influence the influences - remember, this is big money) and timed inline with the US FED interest rate hike (apparently to combat inflation?!) that may make crypto less appealing to institutions. This will convince general trader population to sell and will drive down the market to lift back in June building to December.

@hardforky - as accurate as the next newbie trader can be.

Key learning in the the last 4 weeks - if the market believes something then the opposite is likely to happen.
評論: I hope BTC is just eating up the breakout traders money
Currently bouncing off the resistance. My stops are sub 10128, from the Feb 18th low.
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