Bitcoin 5.15% has a clear bottom and buy signal in short-term on my indicator system. There is also a clear swing-low signal.
It's definitely worth to buy here and add to the existing position. If you were with me, you took partial profits at my warnings and now you can buy much cheaper than your profit was. I still count with a negotiation phase, so count with a dive and place hard stops at a swing-high.
Professional trader, using patented technology to detect moves of large players (market makers). Part of my techniques work on cryptos as well.
'Follow smarts, make money'


Are we not about to go lower? The 4H chart shows Stoch RSI is about to swing downward
bonodi jimo79
@jimo79, Up to you. I use my own method and my own system. I really don't catch why do you comment my post with your SRSI figures and your opinion. Good luck.
jimo79 bonodi
@bonodi, I am simply asking your opinion if you think we have reached the bottom or there is more low to go. We all have our own systems and I am trying to improve mine by learning how others see things. Cheers
bonodi jimo79
@jimo79, Well, 4H stoch RSI is a daytrader tool. I use a proprietary system on 1D timeframe. You will not find my system among the classic TA indicators at all. Simply, we can't compare. A kind of short-term oscillation is a possibility, and, maybe in a few days or a week a correction or testback, but this assets is to spike up now for now. Again, as long as BTC is within the secular bull channel, I just wait and buy, and take profit when the asset is too hot. Cheers.
jimo79 bonodi
@bonodi, thank you for the explanation. I wish you well in the wars to come :D
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