BTC Bearish Divergence - 13600

This is a critical support level ...looking at the MACD and RSI we can clearly see a bearish divergence. BTC has failed to hold 148000/14500/14000/13800...follow the chart my friends...I will not tell you that this is where BTC will level off, as I see many still trying to assert. It is still in correction, on the macro and micro level.
評論: To clarify, we have been in bearish divergence...the price from 1/11-1/13 increased +$600 yet RSI continued to decline.
評論: Right back under the Ichimoku cloud
What do we think is going to happen now?
@brett701, my analysis is unchanged...and that is my conservative analysis that I have posted on BTC.
if BTC is weak, why are the Alts getting killed today?
@Aishman, This correlation between BTC and the ALT's all going up and down because of it can no longer be the only perspective now that exchanges are taking on new customers. For the past few weeks if you were in, you were in. Money went between BTC and ALT' some, if not much, of the new retail money coming in is from people that have interest in buying ALT's and not BTC.
Aishman BTCookieMonster
@BTCookieMonster, I agree newbees want more alts then BTC this should give them an edge over BTC or at the least keep up with it.
In the the last 24 hours while BTC is flat, most Alts are down like 6-15% shouldn't they at lest hold with BTC flat?
@Aishman, BTC dipping now...a lot of these new ALT holders are inexperienced and not actual traders...they see the ALT go down and just sell at a loss...much like some retail BTC holders.
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