BTC 6-hour forecast. Machine learning.

Dear colleagues and followers,

We have been genuinely missing you. This month has been a tough one for the whole cryptocurrency community, and, to respond adequately to this everchanging environment and volatile markets, we at Osiris FInance have decided to yet again re-evaluate our forecasting algorithms. Moreover, we are now complementing our regular 6-hourly forecasts with a digest of most up-to-date financial ratios, volatility indicators and risk-adjusted performance measures for cryptocurrencies of your choice. Below you can see a sample notification that you can receive every six hours if you are an Osiris subscriber.

This is a scheduled notification from the Osiris team. Our models have been working hard on forecasting the market, and here are the most up-to-date predictions for the next 6 hours:


High: 6962.1806
High (low 95% confidence interval): 6783.9488
High (low 68% confidence interval): 6873.0647
High (high 68% confidence interval): 7051.2965
High (high 95% confidence interval): 7140.4124

Low: 6766.5359
Low (low 95% confidence interval): 6691.4273
Low (low 68% confidence interval): 6728.9816
Low (high 68% confidence interval): 6804.0902
Low (high 95% confidence interval): 6841.6444

Close: 6866.8844
Close (low 95% confidence interval): 6790.662
Close (low 68% confidence interval): 6828.7732
Close (high 68% confidence interval): 6904.9956
Close (high 95% confidence interval): 6943.1068

Here is a list of volatility and risk-adjusted return measures that would allow you to make more well-informed trades:

Return: -0.006067
Standard deviation: 0.016065
Skewness: -1.992928
Kurtosis: 7.296737
Semideviation: 0.01528
Maximum drawdown: -0.068809
Average drawdown: -0.010566
Modified Sharpe ratio: -0.0000457
Modified Sortino ratio: -0.0000434
Modified Calmar ratio: -0.0001956
Modified Sterling ratio: -0.0000300
VaR 95%: -0.029342
VaR 99%: -0.040215
Modified VaR 95%: -0.034984
Modified VaR 99%: -0.067147
Upward potential ratio: 0.228852
Amihud illiquidity: 34.30147

All these indicators are calculated on the 30 most recent trading periods. You can learn more about these parameters at our website https://www.osirisfinance.com/indicator-mix

Thank you for staying in touch. For questions related to subscription, please contact us via osirisai.project@gmail.com.. We are looking forward to your feedback and any suggestions here at TradingView or via our comment form on our website https://www.osirisfinance.com/
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