#BTC When rumors become useful?

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#BTC When rumors become useful?

Simple answer when it doing a good thing like last fud about usdt it was fake "Yes That true"
But look at market cap from the edge at $200B back to $222B, also almost of usdt coin pump.
Btc from the edge and bad close at weekly, rumors about usdt help it to grow about 10% or more and make good rebound for market

with this rumors the movement was useful, all of the traders hare stuck from high levels, most of them have loss, some of them stop trading Hold&wait.
So, when the price pump from the edge and save himself this useful for them, and market also.

all of us know what will happen if BTC close below $5650 weekly or daily!
Panic will dominate the entire market, and people cap will lose too much also people maybe many fud come and say the end of BTC end of crypto it was a scam!!

We hear someone say, Mark, you have a Bearish plan since Feb and you still follow it, Bullish move don`t support your plan?!
yeah that true we have a bearish plan and still active but we follow movement also, look at our signals since this bearish trend since Dec 2017, most of them are long and 95% of them hit targets and make a profit All Thanks to Allah, doing your research and check them if you want.

the point is we stick with plan and we track movement and trade with it so bullish don`t support our plan yeah but the true support our signals
also, our plan has limits for failure and success and move still between them until now.
Another thing,we can`t post chart every day 1 Bullish and 1 bearish , and when one chart of 80 chart success, say I`m right:D lol
this not analyses and this not Prediction or tip, this test luck, or who do that, he doesn`t know what he doing.

if movement come and our plan fails we don`t mind we love to see that and the main thing for us is to be present at this movement
so this bullish movement is good if this against our plan it supports our signals.
Same if this rumors fake and make people buy , to save the market from edge we don`t mind to see it , like last time we btc was stable and alts bleeding for days, we write a post about it at our Telegram Channel

called Such as spiders
Spiders are insects that eat their young
we can see BTC turn to a spider, everything drop and BTC eat everything to become stable and avoids panic and falling, but what after that what the next?
the true
the most important thing in the market is BTC , if BTC joined darkness everything will die maybe for a long time, alts Present sacrifice now, if BTC stay high everything will grow once again
if people look to crypto they say BTC , not Neo Not ETH not EOS they just say btc
for that, we see BTC Dominance: 54.3%
let us keep watching just 10% up for BTC all alts will take breath
many alts reached a golden level or good bottom to buy it a good chance to open invest for a year or two

This our last update for BTC analyses
check it, Almost we added updates daily,
long text yeah :)but please read it carefully to know how we work with btc .

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
e ask Allah reconcile and repay


I'll just let you walk only the flower road!!

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The future of bitcoin

Thabks to u an allah
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u are welcome bro @Abl100M, thanks for your kind words and all thanks to Allah
thank you bro
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HamadaMark jimjames45
u are welcome dear bro @jimjames45,
I follow your posts for a long time and respect your analysis, could you please assist me, I am holding 5k pf tether, what would be the best thing to do?
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Abl100M GlennTarplett
@GlennTarplett, diversify now. Half neo (it will hardfork in 10 november) and 1/4 xmr amd 1/4 btc
@Abl100M, at least if he trade he should have 50% of his total as free capital at his wallet market at edge no side confirm yet / Neo fork is fake
HamadaMark GlennTarplett
Thanks, Dear bro @GlennTarplett, for your kind words and trust Allah (God) willing very soon will make post about top investment.
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