BTC the upcoming week+ Gann, harmonic crab/butterfy & astrology

First off, I'm a novice pleb at this. Not financial advice.

So I had written up a more in depth explanation of everything last night and tradingview reset it. :(

Major events are highlighted on the chart along w periods of time for extended events like Uranus opp Jupiter 5-5 to 15th and Consensus 2018 Conference 5-14 to 16th.

One point I want to highlight is that faster moving planets have greater importance for day trading. Closer to the sun the faster the planet and the moon is considered a planetary body.
hi... moon phases plotted on daily/wkly might be more informative????
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TreeTruffle cryotoman0
@cryotoman0, this was one of my early charts in observing such events.

I find that perigee and apogee of the moon are just as significant if not more. Also, knowing the constellations that the moon is entering is important. Step 1: find an ephemeris. Then check between tropical and sidereal. I use sidereal.
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