BTC Inverted Bart to victory

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For the second time BTC painted super bearish chart patterns then rallied right out of it. What's going on?

Not sure ^_^ lol

I just spot patterns. I noticed the March/April 6.5k bottom pattern was very similar to current price action so overlaid it. There was a good chance of a rally. Even posted on the morning a rally to 9k is still possible even with a bearish scenario (see BTC: Rinsed Out in the range).

In hindsight its easy to spot right but at the time the market felt very bearish . Then a small dump and spring out of no-where and lambo candle.

At the time this candle kicked off I was 60% cash with 40% invested in Ether but as soon as I saw it break out, I market-bought BTC . FOMO!

Long from 8,450, stops now at break even.
Cool! Which chat was that?

Iam with you, i have checked that as well, even some indicators showing the same signs,
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AndrewBth TJ_Crypto_NL
@TJ_AFCA, yeah a few people in the Crypto chat spotted the fractal in various forms. To be honest it felt bearish as hell so I just watched + waited and on the breakout ... fomoed :D
@AndrewBth, haha, i already had a long open. was about to close it when that big candle came..
AndrewBth TJ_Crypto_NL
@TJ_AFCA, True story. In the 6.5k low, I was long from about 7k 100% of account. In the dump right before the lambo candle, I sold for a loss. I said to myself 'what the heck am I doing? ... its not going much lower. 6k? so what'. Rebought. 15 mins later that 1k candle happened. All logged here :D
@AndrewBth, Well done !
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