Yesterday one of my BTC             predictions followed out perfectly and called the bottom of this current moon mission. Now I think we are in store for a second run tonight, possibly achieving $17,000 tomorrow or the day after. First of all, it is already starting to move and break the $16,000 barrier as China is waking up and seeing the major run. Secondly, the bollinger bands just squeezed and are now diverging, indicating this bull run will last longer than it currently has. Third the stochastic RSI on the 1H chart just had a bullish crossover and is moving upwards, showing that there is a lot of buying momentum. Please set stop losses on alts as they may tank overnight, good luck traders!
評論: BTC smashed through $16,000 and is now nearly $16,500, go bitcoin! Easy $17,000 by the morning.
Founder of Pure Investments (
what do you think the BTC will be up again at 19k? or more?
@ddanyels, That will happen, it may take a bit longer than I expected due to the FUD that came out today unfortunately.
Plummeting fast through support and trend line on the way to 13k
@MMww66ww99, Unfortunately a lot of FUD surrounding BTC came out today and TA broke as people are panic selling BTC. Stay strong my friend!
Sounds reasonable. Lots of ideas all over the place tonight. There was a double bottom so i dont buy the immediate drop idea going around , but an upswing then a possible drop maybe but i still doubt . Trading sidways wouldnt surprise me.
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