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My purpose in writing is not to provide analysis for future positions, but simply as part of a capture management process of lessons learned from today's dramatic drop.

Some signs were technical, some general:

It's Monday PM, Tuesdays seem to be pretty bloody for crypto. I look for evening (Eastern Standard Time) sells offs as Asia awakes.

I've been using Litecoin and Ripple as early indicators the past two weeks. Ripple was an amazing indicator and telegraphed Bitcoins's movements with hours of warning.

Tapering of price action.

MACD - most important tool I used these past few hours. I like using MACD on the 15 minutes scale, but on the 45 minute (where I like to set my chart for monitoring) it correlated the same expression as Ripple - so it was a no-brain'er to sell as soon as the first Whale Calls indicator went off on Twitter.

Looking forward: please see my Bull/Bear conflict zones.
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