BTC - 1 - 2 - 3 ... STORM AHEAD - GET COVER

Price is following the trend line very smoothly, and now MA 300 has just crossed down MA 500, and price is being squeezed down on the MA 1000.

Green zone is where the price is heading, and red zone is stop loss..

評論: Be Advised. Possible Bull Trap.

評論: About to lose the MA 300, on the 30 min chart.

評論: Everything is ready for China's New Year...
交易進行: MA 100 crossing down MA 500 and MA 300, which brings stronger fall.
評論: Some coins's movement are connected with one another. What could we learn from this comparison? BTC/USDT X GAS/BTC
交易進行: Hi Everyone,

price has just lost MA 1000, next stop should be 8700. Then it should struggle for a while until it goes for the final target: 6.999.

Well "The Moving Water" keeps working, so let me answer somethings some people are questioning.

Yes - For now I am still testing and improving this new trading perspective.

No - I still don't have a blog or website, but keep following and later on I will open up for those who want to learn it.

No - "THE MOVING WATER" are not the moving averages, it is so more complex then theses. They are useful, but, actually, most of the time, they fail to give you the right signal, so it is necessary to combine so many other concepts, and time analysis together to find out where the price will go.

First Free Tip Proven: ALL MAs, SUPPORTs, RESISTANCEs: are strong until they brake, as you can see on this update on the 10K that was a support.

交易進行: Hi Everyone,

First of all: If you did not fell on the wrong rumor that BTC would bounce up from 10k,

Congratulations !!!

You have saved money, earned money, or at least, did not lose money, because now price already reached 8,700;

Well, "THE MOVING WATER" my new trading perspective is working very smoothly, and improving more and more.

In this crazy world, if you are not losing money you are already a winner.

Now we are finally heading to the final target.: 6,999 (7K).

Lower prices could come up, but I am trying to post only what I am 100% sure it will happen, so I always keep my predictions within a safe zone.

I want to share with you two things:

1. About Liars

It is funny how things work after a big move happens. "Smart guys" start saying they knew all along, and that was so easy to see that BTC was going to fall when it was 19k, back on Dec 16th.

So, I want to help you spot those silly ones:

First of all, everybody wants to be know as the person who predicted a big move, so if the person did not post a chart before Jan 10th 2018, they did not believe BTC would fall.

One thing I am loving Trading View is that Actions are Louder then Words. So if you post something you cannot undo, and if you did not post something it is not possible to post it back in time.

So, there is also an easier way finding those liars:

If they did post 4 days ago to go Long on BTC, they still did not believe that BTC fall hard. Actually they were believing that it would bounce on 10 k then go long back to 20k.

2. About Fishing.

Some guy told me that I was fishing for views when I was posting my chart all around to advise people what is about to happen.

Well, when I looked his profile posted charts, 90% of them did not work. So to me fishing for views is posting a wrong idea trying to fool you that they know what they are doing.

In addition, this chart here is working very smoothly, and that guy's chart from 4 days ago is now crushed.

So, be careful with these top author, most of them keep fishing for view and don't care if you will lose money.

Nobody is right 100%, but one thing is study a lot about something, like I did here on this chart, and as I have been doing on BTC since DEC 20th, and trying to post something that I really believe that will happen; and another thing is just do a quick research, looking around and post everyday a stupid idea just fishing viewers.
交易進行: MA 100 about to cross MA 1000. That means more robots will notice that and will send big sell commands.. Big Fall coming, followed by panic... hold on...
評論: MA 100 just touched MA 1000, Bots just sent sell orders, and Panic is taking over...
評論: Why is BTC falling??? People say, because China banned it again.

Well, and how could I possibly know that when I posted this chart??
交易結束:目標達成: Hi Everybody.

Another chart Successful. It is the 8th 100% Perfect chart in 2 months.

RESULT: YOU WIN !! - 0.....100% PERFECT!!!

Any Questions?
評論: If you did like this analysis and previous ones, please don't forget to give me thumbs up and to follow me for the updates. Your feedback is very important to me, so I can keep up the work.

Thank you for all the praises.

"One person just sent me this message: Hi man, it's been a long time since I read some fisherman's idiocies like you say on tradingview and this is the first time I really see which one who cares about preserving his capital asset to better win the 'money
thank you very much for your advice"

I hope more people feel the same, because that's what I am doing here. Just trying survive and help others to survive in this crazy world.
評論: 100 % PERFECT. Thanks for following.
Nice chart!
So what is the next then?
MovingWater sonerster
@sonerster, hi, this chart is done. 100% complete and perfect. You can look at the next post.
alex where is wave 4 i think its connected to wave 5 lol;
@DNBoY, we skipped 4 gold help us
@DNBoY, Actually, I used only 3 waves 1- 2- 3. On the "Moving Water Concept", we don't need to many waves. Sometimes, bots are trying to fool us, and if you keep yourself tied down to them you might miss the big move.
Wave 3 on my chart is almost over, and chart almost 100% complete.
DNBoY MovingWater
@MovingWater, yeah sorry i really like your ideas but iwas looking at other chart and miss comment here :D
@DNBoY, no problem. Always welcome. Good Luck. Good Profit.
"Why is BTC falling??? People say, because China banned it again.

Well, and how could I possibly know that when I posted this chart??"

Newbies tend to overlook one of the most basic premises on which Technical Analysis operates. That is "Price action discounts everything!"

All the fundamentals are already reflected in the charts and indicators. Just interpret the charts, and don't worry about the news. The required news will always surface somehow to drive the price in the direction the chart says it will go. Technical analysis fundamentally analyses human psychology and will almost always produce accurate results.

Keep up the good work bro

MovingWater Commodore3
@Commodore3, Perfect!!
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