#BITCOIN +104% target $31,639 by Apr-2nd-2018

Non-log chart on 1W timescale.

Gain is measured in pips instead of a percentage (height of flag pole).

Purple triangle is a large bull pennant , signaling a continuation of the trend.

This would also mean nearly a doubling of the current market cap, which is $260 Billion today and by April, that should be $520 Billion.

There is talk that the US derivatives market will bring in $1 Trillion into the crypto world in early 2018 and if this is the case and that flow of money comes in smoothly, then Bitcoin even at $31,000 will be very undervalued.

The real question is not "can" Bitcoin hit record values of $30k, $50k, $250k or $1M, but "how long will it take for the flow of money to make it into the crypto blockchains?"
What happened your forecast feb 8 budget 45.000 usd 3 times changed ?:) do not believe anybody anymore chg everytime
balboa8668 Ramozotti5069
@Ramozotti5069, seriously, what's wrong with you? Your money, your decision, Tin.Foil didn't force you to invest your money. Be smart, bro, or put your money into the safeguard.
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Tin.Foil Ramozotti5069
@Ramozotti5069, see my other ideas. They are still in there, including Bitcoin to $1,000,000 by June 16th. :-)
@Tin.Foil, Tin you are very funny person. Now you just first reach your target. i havenot seen any yet. Then u can share your idea.That amount only sound around to people- countries keep inside of marketing to get it and fall down.. this is only what is expecting my idea is. Also i do not believe we will reach 100.000usd also may be 30.000max. Anyway you just only reach your target first i can not see any before. All of them went the other way that u shared:)
45k by Feb 8th
Spot on ! Can't wait for this !
Fantastic hope this becomes reality soon
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