BTC/USD - Buy Opportunity

What's up traders, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Here we are analyzing BTC/USD on the 4H chart.

I posted a BTC/USD analysis lately, and it went perfectly to plan (See related ideas for details of this analysis). We are now seeing a new buy opportunity.

At current, price is trading at 6990 after retesting the recent Bitcoin major low at 6500 and since bouncing. It looks like we have a short term opportunity to buy if price breaks 7070. If price breaks this level, I am expecting a short term upside to at least 7440, before a retest will take place to the side-wards resistance, which will be tested as a new support before even more potential upside.

Price will now likely test the side-wards resistance and either break out, or come back into structure before finding the momentum to break the side-wards resistance line.

I will update this analysis when I receive above 40 likes.
You nailed it. Good job! :) I followed your idea.
Incorrect. Short to 5k.
Terrible, your losing people money, Please Stop
milltay dualmass
@dualmass, you're*** losing people brain cells.
@dualmass, How could anyone lose money? If it broke resistance and failed to retest as support, come out of the trade break even.

Obviously you haven't got your own strategy yet. It's fine. :-)
dualmass TomProTrader
@TomProTrader, sorry to come off so negative, your doing the best you can, no place for me to say
Hi Tom
What we call the current price action/drop in BTC? pure market manipulation?
How TA's can help us anticipate such price action?
Thank you
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Another side, comrades.
TomProTrader PeacefulWarrior
@PeacefulWarrior, I just want to literate, that this "other side" is the exact same as mine

Thanks for sharing nonetheless
I totally agree, i have the same profit targets
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