New thoughts about BTC

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I posted many predictions about Bitcoin like a noob, nothing was good. Today I will be completely neutral and think carefully, what to do if TA confirms. I'm more alt investor and will try to put everything together.

What is clear:
Price action formed the channel. And Trend lines still hold.
Found support at ichimoku cloud .
Fibs here still work well.
Approaching 50 dma.

Things I like - bigger volume on bullish reversal candles.
There is still more buying volume in congestion zones.

Bullish crossover 10-20 ema and 30 sma Daily.
TD also shows some upward potential.

Indicators work badly at trending market. But the price is now a little ranging. So RSI and StochRSI look bullish here.

OBV also holds its trend, not showing any bearish divergence.

Breakthrough BB 20 sma will also increase directional move.

So here what I'd do.

If we break lower trendline and Ichimoku cloud resistance, I will go short.
Otherwise, bullish .

Next question is, will when bullish alt season? See my next article about ETH


The o theory of three triangles. Third fail hard!
評論: Looks like 50 sdma have some fulfilling shit for momentum players
評論: To go short, I want to see 20 4Hsma was broken. So we could form massive inverted head and shoulders.

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