The big inverse H\S - Bitcoin !

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Welcome traders, lets dive right in BTC\USD

as you can see, there is still some resistance waiting for us, but the bulls are winning

that being said, we could expect some bear movements after a bull movement (captain obvious)
but fear not

People talked about an inverse head and shoulders which reversed the trendline , that is true.
the market indeed had a rise in the last couple of weeks
but the scale of the pattern wasnt as big compared to the daily pattern

the market havent finished making a bottom yet and I would expect another short fall from the bears which will complete the large scale of the inverse head and shoulders

that would be very healthy.. who knows where we will stop.

a trader which I trust very well and have done this for many years (not only bitcoin ) and done it as job expects the market to go to 50k.

I trust his prediction, and would expect us to go there as well.

2018 will be a good year traders.

For short expectations, I see there is a symetrical triangle occuring (as always) and as you all know, symetrical triangle is a continuation pattern, and the bias is to the uptrend (looking at @magicpoopcannon's post) there's a bull flag that has formed, and we would expect the breakout to go to 1200k and then me personally I would expect a fall.

ofc the numbers cannot be 100% accurate so, I always take my profits when the break out is 80% of the target
I'd rather get out when its almost there than to wait and fall.

this is not a trading advice, its for educational purposes only

make your research before a trade.

happy trading.
評論: forgive me, I was tired when I made this.

Some part of me thinks that BTC will test 9.7k support again for the right shoulder and then it would rise (silly me, made it all upside)
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