EASY! The 10k BTC prediction 8 days ago was spot on!

Hello, my beloved fans!

D4rkEnergY has many fans in his Slack group. They finally convinced him to join TW. As they told him: We have never in our lifetime witnessing someone being SPOT on all the time.

Many fans have asked him, how he does it. Someone even asked if him, if he had some kind of a crystal bowl.

D4 told him: No one knows for sure how he does it. We know D4rkEnergy is everywhere in the universe. We know its the stuff that makes space expand and even accelerate. D4 is now doing the same thing for TA and trading. D4 is here to revolutionize!

Lets start with a chart I posted 8 days ago in my Slack group (in the future D4 will only post new ideas).

The bulls and the bears are right now fighting around 8,500 USD. The bulls will win in the end- the RSI and the volume on the smaller charts shows that.

We will soon hit 9k, where we have huge resitance. Look at my counts.

Therefore expect a small bounce, cause the bulls will not win in the first attempt, but we will quickly go in an uptrend again and hit 9k once more. Now, like in my ETHUSD chart I posted earlier today, we now have the famous inverse bullish HS pattern .

And this time the bears must give up. The bulls are too strong. If, against odds, they manage one more time to defend the 9k level, trust me, there will be a third time. And this time for sure the bears will surrender because we now have the cup and handle pattern.

Therefore. Expect we soon will hit the 10k.

You are welcome, guys!

---D4rkEnergY is everywhere, DarkEnergY predicts everything

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-Market Upd 💻
-TA Edu- Be a BOSS 👨‍🎓

**Normal Price: 10 ETH/Y**

Save $500 -NOW 5 ETH/Y (2 days left)


Great stuff D4rk!
Lol nice predictions. I bet you did great bdfore joining tw. Is there xny way we can hsve a look at your previous work?
This schtick is unique and never been done before
where is your 8 days ago post!!?
+1 回覆
Good job. I wanna see more ideas from you!
Is it some kind of trading sect with "guru"?
@mr.didgi, D4rkEnergY is not a guru. He is a force. He is everywhere. Therefore he is also able to predict everything.
+1 回覆
Not sure how the post you posted somewhere 8 days adds value to anyone here...
D4rkEnergY EspressoDopio
@EspressoDopio, If traders want success, they need to know about D4rkEnergY. Let me quote him: In the future D4 will only post new ideas.
+1 回覆
SilverStar84 D4rkEnergY
@D4rkEnergY, lol I hope your kidding Dick 4
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