July 4th to meet $1705

BTCE:BTCUSD   比特幣 / 美元
We're near the top of the pitchfork . Expect a drop , go for your sell positions but not for too long. Ride the wave up at the bottom of the next little crash, until 1st or 4th of July. Will be a good 4th of July.

Remember, we're at the ATH . We've had a massive 3 year cup for a C&H formation. The handle is being created over the next few months, so don't expect a huge upward movement until the handle has formed, but don't be in fiat when the handle has completed and we start the launch upwards to the Moon. 2-3 years we'll see that $4000 Bitcoin value, but it could happen within the next 12-18 months before the market changes and decides it's new direction and trend, although long term, 5 years, I believe it will still be moving upward, even if we have a massive flash-crash before then.

If you really want to risk it, short with a target of $400 within 2 years. Long term short. And buy back in in the $400-600 period and wait for $4000+ to sell again (4-5 years).
評論: Followed my own advice and made 46% over the last few days. Used the short to $1125 and also had a pending order for a long which started at $1079 and ended at $1256.

On another bitcoin trading account I didn't short and only put in a pending order for the long and that account made 25% over the last few days.

I believe the next few weeks will be a little chaotic as they always are after these big flash crashes happen.

Remember, July 4th target $1705.
So.. I made another 20% on that short.. we're still not at the bottom of the pitchfork and it's in a very downward movement, but I think come Wednesday we may see it move up.

However, I'm shorting again. All in on the short for a target of $980 (which we hit a few hours ago). Then I'll re-evaluate and buy again for the rise towards the top of the pitchfork again.

Don't buy too low, but buy low enough that you can gain some nice profits. OR just buy and HODL! Remember, July $1700ish.
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