Bitcoin Holding Steady ...for now

Bitcoin             winds its way into an apex as the price makes small ranges. Inevitably it will break out on its next move.

Support is being held... for now... around the $12,500 which is shown on both the Daily and 4hour chart. I have shown you the Fib levels which are applicable.

A break and close below this will declare its direction south. Whilst a firm stand here will confirm it's finding its feet.

Wall street bonuses on the 15th/16th.
Xmas just gone people broke.
March we will see some serious action here.
Great post
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Every body wants Crypto, 2017 was the friends and family of those whom where in the market since 2013. 2018 is the year of the friends and family of those who entered the market in 2017. So the market is fundamentally Bullish !
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epsus salahkhl
@salahkhl, Don't forget to frame in the futures market this time. This does bring a lot of uncertainty to the table, at least in the short term for now. In the mid/long term, I guess this will play out to be a price moderator, but we'll see soon enough!
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